Cedar Hills Campground

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                      Map and Directions

       See important notes about directions below the map!     


Cedar Hills Campground is accessed off of Wisconsin State Highway 78.

There are several ways to get to Highway 78, depending on which direction you are traveling. A common route is to take one of the Interstate Highways to the Highway 19 exit, going west onto Highway 19 to Route 12. Turn right onto Route 12 and go about 1.5 miles,then turn left on Route 19. Take Route 19  for about 9.6 miles, then turn right onto Highway 78. Take Highway 78 approximately 1.25 miles, going past Dunlap Hollow Road to Cedar Hills Campground.

Please remember Cedar Hills is no longer accessed via the farm on Dunlap Hollow Road. 

The street address for Cedar Hills Campground is:

6406 State Road 78

Mazomanie, WI  53560