Cedar Hills Campground

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                                 Rates & Reservations

      Rates subject to change; contact management to confirm current rates and details.Please note that in making a reservation, overnight campers reserve a specific type of campsite rather than a specific campsite itself. Reservations for specific sites are not guaranteed and will not be held without advance payment for the entire stay.

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Nightly Rates per Campsite

Type of Site
One Adult
Two People
Each Additional   Person
Maximum # of People Per Site
 Water & Electric  Per Night
 Tent 18.00 24.00 8.00 6 5.00
 Camper/RV 18.00 24.00 8.00 65.00
There is a 5.00 per day fee for visitors of overnight campers who will not be staying overnight. Please see our current policies and guidelines for visitor departure times

                                       Seasonal Rates

Seasonal rates start at $1250 plus electric per season.

Seaonal residents receive 10 day or overnight guest passes per season with their seasonal contract. If paid 2 months befour contract due date. 

Day guests of seasonal residents pay a $5.00 fee for a day pass which is the daily departure time. That is 9 p.m.

Overnight guests of seasonal residents who stay in the resident's camping unit pay $8.00 per night.

Overnight guests of seasonal residents who stay outside the resident's camping unit but on the resident's site pay $8.00 per night.

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