Cedar Hills Campground

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Cedar Hills Campground has some "fixer-uppers" as well as some nice older units for sale.


                           For Sale at Cedar Hills Campground

Cedar Hills Campground provides ad-placement as a service to its contracted seasonal residents.

Please note that unless otherwise indicated, items listed for sale on this page involve a private transaction between the seller and the buyer.*  Please do not contact Cedar Hills Campground about items listed for sale. Instead, contact the seller(s) directly as listed in each ad.

*Cedar Hills Camground does not accept any responsibility or liability resulting from such transactions. Sellers are not authorized to transact business on behalf of Cedar Hills Campground. This includes, but is not limited to, any arrangements involving seasonal contracts, which instead must be directly arranged with Cedar Hills Campground, LLC. Contracted seasonal residents wishing to post items on this page should e-mail cedarhillscamp@yahoo.com, subject line  "For Sale."  Include a description of items,  price and contact info, etc.  If approved, it will remain posted for 1 year. Please let us know if  an item has sold so we can update this page. Cedar Hills reserves the right to deny placement of ads that are not in the best interest of Cedar Hills. Cedar Hills also reserves the right to remove ads if necessary.

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